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Growing up the son of a career soldier, Michael moved frequently throughout North America attending over 14 different schools.
He has been influenced by a wide array of music but his teenage years in Philadelphia attracted him to the unique "Philly" sound.
That sound, coupled with the many other diverse musical influences, has led to his interesting cross-section of musical styling.

Michael returned to his parents' roots in Toronto, Ontario Canada where he continues to live with his wife and family.

Michael teamed up with producer Steve Sherman and their work led to his first studio album, Memorable Times.
Since that time he has continued to write and record and has completed 4 more studio albums (Where do we go from here, Playing for keeps, Try a little harder) and one compilation CD (Big Old Hairy Dog).

His latest self-titled (Michael Neill) CD was released in late October 2011.

michael neill songwriter
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