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Michael Neill

Heaven's Come To Me
Rise and Fall
Tagging Along
Railroad Heaven
Time Passes
Close Your Eyes
Nobody Special
Can't Make A Bad Day Good
Preaching Out The Gospel

Try a Little Harder

Try a Little Harder
Gonna Make It On My Own
Lonely Man
I’ve Been Dreaming
Freedom’s the Sky
That’s What Good friends Do
Pretty Day
Through Your Eyes
Railroad Heaven
Maybe It’ll Be Tomorrow

Playing for Keeps

Simple Songs
Buried in Lonely
Cupid’s Arrow
Bailey’s Bay
Nothing Matters
It’s Love
I had a Dream
I’ll be There

Where do we go from here

Where do we go from here?
Lover's tonight
I don't work that way
Never wrote a love song
Small town woman
Lonely heart
Take me away
I really love you
Everything to me
Work'n man blues
Lovers tonight (acoustic)

Memorable Times

Memorable Times
Catered to Your Feelings
Time Moves so Fast
Do You Remember
Running Silent
When She’s Crying
Big Bucks
Let’s Rock
I’m the One

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